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About The Admin Group LLC 

How we are redefining the term “small business”

Who We Are

We are a small business based in Western Colorado offering Bookkeeping and Business Management Consulting services to small businesses across The United States.

What We Do

Reignite Your Passion

From your very first call, we work to set the passion that started your business in the first place, on fire again. We want you to be as excited to be a part of your business as you were when you first started!

Realign Your Vision

It is easy to become so involved in your business that you may find yourself working IN your business and not ON it. We help you take a step back and understand how your business can work for you.

Relieve Pain Points of Running a Business

We exist to make your life as a small business owner easier. We are in your corner supporting your every step along the way. When you aren't sure who to call we are there for you!

From Small Business Owner To Business Management Consultant

Our founder Rebecca Weingartner has done it all. She has been in your shoes as a small business owner. She has experienced that beautiful spark of excitement when a new business idea hits and has felt the heartache when she realized the lost time and money she poured into a business.

She’s been the extremely budget-conscious and financially struggling business owner and has experienced the “ah ha!” moment when everything finally clicks together. She started The Admin Group LLC to help mentor small business owners like yourself to feel empowered in your business.

Rebecca Weingartner sitting at a microphone founder of the admin group llc
The Admin Group LLC Founder: Rebecca Weingartner
Rebecca Weingartner - The Admin Group LLC
“I’m passionate about small businesses and want to see them not just succeed, but also step up their game. So being that ally that a business owner can turn to for help, can run their crazy ideas by, and even get a swift kick in the pants once a while when they stray from their vision, is the most exciting part about what we do.” - Rebecca Weingartner

Our Roots

The Admin Group LLC began as a bookkeeping service.  Through customer feedback, Rebecca learned her bookkeeping approach was very different from others offering similar bookkeeping services.  Her regular phone calls checking in with clients gave Rebecca’s clients a sounding board to ask questions, and truly understand exactly what Rebecca was doing in regard to their business financials.  

The resounding feedback from clients was that Rebecca was helping them realign their entire business.  Through the bookkeeping services she offers.

This feedback was essential to the evolution of the Admin Group LLC.  Rebecca took her own advice of stepping back and assessing her business.  Through doing so, she realized her true passion is helping small business owners become excited about their businesses again. This important client feedback helped Rebecca expand The Admin Group LLC to offer business management consulting as well as bookkeeping.

Who We Are Today

Today the Admin Group LLC offers business management consulting services and bookkeeping services to startups and small businesses across the United States.  Being a point of contact for all the business-related questions and obstacles that pop up along the way. 

We specialize in reducing the burden of administrative and operational tasks for small business owners.  Freeing up time for you to focus on the core functions of your business. 

Our founder Rebecca is a no-nonsense woman who is the friend in your corner, you can always count on.  From the moments when you need a reset, to the big achievements in your business, you can rest assured she has your back.  

Founder Rebecca Weingartner The Admin Group LLC

Who We Are

Our Mission

Is to empower startups and small businesses to achieve more by offering resources, training, and services that will alleviate the burden of administrative and operational tasks and allow them to focus on their core functions.

Our Vision

Is to see professionals and small businesses rise above the status quo.  First and foremost, we will hold ourselves to a higher standard in how we conduct business and expect the same from our team of collaborators.  With our clients, we will help them find ways in how they can implement small changes within their companies that will help them also operate at a higher level.  We see this causing a ripple effect and eventually impacting others outside of our direct reach, encouraging them to also begin setting their standards higher.

Let's get back to the root of your business

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